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  • Fiuggi Fiuggi Mineral Still Water 1 Lt (Case of 6)
Oligomineral Natural Mineral Water


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Article number: I-00560
EAN: 840368082016
SKU: 840368082016
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Brand: Fiuggi
Fiuggi Water belongs to the category of cold oligomineral water that flows at a temperature of 12.4 ° C. Among the various peculiarities of the product we can indicate: diuretic effects; Stimulation of the overall capability of the kidney; Elimination of uric acid, metabolic waste, and nitrogen replacement. Particularly indicated in poor Sodium diets. Fixed residue at 180°C: 145 mg / l Total hardness: 9°C PH at 18 ° C: 7.6 mg / l Ion Sodium: 6.3 mg / l Potassium Ione: 7 mg / l Ion Calcium: 21 mg / l
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