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  • Alce Nero Alce Nero Organic Tomato Diced Pulp with Basil 17.6 Oz (500g) Jar
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Brand: Alce Nero
Organic Diced Pulp with Basil Alce Nero organic tomatoes preserve the simplicity and genuineness of the flavors people were accustomed to in the past. The varieties utilized, Columbra and Ercole, are sun ripened in the Emilia Romagna region, Mezzano Valley, which is situated inside the Po delta area and characterized by peat soils. The production process is completed within an extremely short time in order to protect the taste, aroma, and nutritional properties of those tomatoes: only 8 hours from the time of harvest to processing. Ingredients: organic tomatoes (98.5%, basil (1%), salt.
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