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Buon Natale!

Buon Natale!

Cucina Amorosa Welcomes the Holiday Season with a Tempting Selection of Italian Christmas Cakes!


Buon Natale!  Now Let’s Eat Cake!

 Did you know that Christmas probably originated in Italy?  To be sure, there are many theories about the origin of Christmas but one intriguing theory is that the holiday was a “Christianization” of Pagan Festivals in Italy. In the third and fourth centuries, the Church in Rome found itself in fierce competition with popular Pagan religions, most of them involving sun worship. From the middle of December through the first of January, Romans would pay homage to their gods and celebrate the winter solstice, the time when days began to lengthen.  To challenge Pagan customs, Roman Christians designated December 25th as the day of the Nativity Feast, beginning a tradition of Christmas celebrations that endures to this day.  Italy can even lay claim to the first Christmas Carol, which was written by Saint Francis of Assisi, called “Psalmus in Nativitate”.


Today, Italy still celebrates Christmas with its own unique and traditional flavors. In addition to religious celebrations, an essential part of any Italian Christmas is… of course… the fabulous food!  One of the most cherished of Italian holiday treats is the delicious Christmas Cakes. Almost every town in Italy has some sort of Christmas cake, special cookies, or pie that is unique to that region of Italy. Fortunately for us Americans, Cucina Amorosa has stocked their warehouse with more than 50 varieties of the very best Italian Christmas cakes to choose from including the Bauli, Balocco, and Fiasconaro brands.  


Confused about which deliciousness to choose?  Here is a little helpful information on two of the most popular cakes, Panettone and Pandoro.  Panettone, and Pandoro are the most widely recognized classic Italian Christmas cakes.  Panettone, the traditional Christmas cake of Milan, has become the most common Christmas cake in Italy due partly to its flavor and its ability to stay fresh the longest.  Pandoro, Verona’s snowy mountain cake, is a rich buttery cake usually sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Unlike Panettone, Pandoro never contains candied fruit. Instead it is often made with rich chocolate chips.  You may be thinking that the choice is simple, but between just these two classic cakes, there are so many variations that it boggles the mind!  The cakes can vary depending on their different fillings, toppings, and packaging… that makes it hard to choose!  We are even carrying a designer cake this year from Dolce and Gabbana to tempt your palate….and the tin is absolutely gorgeous!!


The best place by far to find the perfect Italian Christmas Cake for the holidays is Cucina Amorosa.  Visit www.cucinaamorosa.com to view the entire collection of Christmas Cakes and other Italian specialties.  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for give us a call, we may be able to order it!  For inquiries, please contact Raffaele Vuotto at raf@cucinaamorosa.com or to order by phone, call: (760) 814-9915




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