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  • Bonomelli Bonomelli Polenta Valsugana Express 13.2 Oz (375g)
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Article number: I-00474
EAN: 072248355075
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Brand: Bonomelli
Polenta Express - Few Minutes to Prepare Pre-cooked Maize Meal For 5 Serving of Polenta Express Polenta Valsugana is made from carefully selected maize and contains no preservatives or colorings. The maize is milled, then partially steam-cooked to make a cornmeal that will help you bring the flavor and authenticity of traditional polenta to your table in just few minutes. Each package contains enough cornmeal to make 4-5 serving of polenta. If not used all at once, the rest can be kept for later after reclosing the bag. The following quantities are recommended for one person: 4 heaped tablespoons of cornmeal ¼ litre of water 3 pinch of coarse salt Polenta Valsugana has many years of experience in selecting only the best maize, with rigorous controls along the whole production line to ensure a quality final product. Just as in the past, the ripened maize is brought from the field to the mill, where all impurities are removed before the kernels are ground to make a natural cornmeal with just the right consistency. The cornmeal is the subjected to the minimum of processing, following traditional techniques: partially cooked with water and steam, it is the oven-dried, before being packaged without any added preservatives or coloring in sealed bags as Express Polenta Valsugana. The same cornmeal is used to make Read-Made Polenta Valsugana: the precooked cornmeal is cooked further in water while being stirred slowly, then packaged directly in practical trays that keep in fresh until use. All this means that Polenta Valsugana arrives at the table with the bright golden color of maize and all its fragrance and goodness still intact. Net Weight 13.2 oz (375 oz) This content makes approx 4.4 lbs - 70 oz (2 kg) of Cooked Polenta
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