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  • Doria Doria Bucaneve Cookies 14 Oz
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Brand: Doria
The word bucaneve (snowdrop) is taken from the Greek and means milk-flower. This is how the Bucaneve biscuit was conceived with its unmistakable flower-shape, its inviting icing drops and simple, genuine recipe. Baked for the first time in 1950, Bucaneve with its special crumbliness is ideal for being dipped in milk or tea, and gives your breakfast and snacks a unique and unmistakable flavour. Biscuit, but even more! Bucaneve can become an amusing game for you and your children: let's see how many Bucaneve you can fit on your finger before dipping them into your milk. Bucaneve biscuits are made with simple and genuine ingredients: sugar, milk, eggs and flour, from highly controlled and selected raw materials to ensure top quality. As all other products, Bucaneve is free from additives, artificial colouring, hydrogenated fats and GMOs. The nice amber colour of the shortcrust pastry is due to the protein-sugar reaction during baking, which gives Bucaneve such an inviting and appealing colour. Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils and fats, inverted sugar syrup, eggs, wheat starch, raiding agents: sodium and ammonium bicarbonate & monopotassium tartrate, salt, powdered skim milk, antioxidant: soy lecithin, powder egg white, flavorings.
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