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  • San Giuliano San Giuliano Primer EVOO 100% Italian Olives 500 ml
Primer Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sardinia


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Brand: San Giuliano
PRIMÉR Only 20 hectares (85 acres) of the San Giuliano estates have been devoted to the production of Primér Extra Virgin Olive Oil (meaning "The First" in the old Catalan language still spoken in Alghero). Only a limited quantity of Primér is produced every year to satisfy the highest standards of connoisseurs and to meet the demands of professional chefs not able to renounce what is a truly exceptional oil with a complexity of nuances. Just a sip will be an unforgettable experience. OLIVE VARIETIES 100% Bosana. ORIGIN Selected groves of the Manca family estates in the Alghero countryside (Sardegna ITALY). PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION The olives are handpicked and mechanically harvested directly from the tree, in October and November, then cold pressed with granite millstones, continuous cycle system, natural decanting and filtering. SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS Intense golden yellow colour. It is subtle, with floral and grassy hints and a fruity aroma of apple and banana. Harmonic and elegant to the palate, with a well-dosed spiciness, definite tones of wild cardoon and fresh wild herbs. HOW TO USE San Giuliano Primér Extra Virgin Oil is particularly recommended on seafood salads, gratin shellfish, mushroom soups, vegetable starters, steamed fish and roasted white meat.
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