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  • San Giuliano San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered 100% Italian Olives 1 Lt.
Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sardinia


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Article number: I-00776
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Brand: San Giuliano
UNFILTERED OIL The Unfiltered San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the freshest green fruit of the olives picked at the early stages of the harvest period. This oil is purposely not filtered preserving the original characteristics of the olives. It is absolutely raw and contains all the nutrients found in the olive fruit and conserves intact the patrimony of anti-oxidants (polyphenol) and the integral naturalness of the product in its primary state. Freshness, cloudiness and light nuances of spice with a fruity note best describe the attributes of this oil. OLIVE VARIETIES Bosana, Frantoio, Leccino, Semidana, Coratina. ORIGIN 100% Italian olives. PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION Mechanical harvesting directly from the tree, from late September to November. Cold pressing with granite millstones, extraction in a continuous cycle system. Immediate storage without filtration. SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS Natural dense and cloudy. Intense golden yellow color with light green hues. Its aroma is ample and definite, characterized by vegetables hints of artichoke, tomatoes and balsamic herbs which bring in mind the fruit just harvested. Its taste is ample and fine, with artichokes and fresh country vegetables hints. Bitter and pungent are present and well dosed. HOW TO USE The Unfiltered San Giuliano, with its robust and dense body, is recommended for uncooked condiments as marinades, salads, bruschetta, garlic and focaccia bread, raw vegetable dip, vegetables, fish and meat and all of those dishes in which you want to add a distinctive and characteristic note. Since it is completely unfiltered olive oil, it has a naturally cloudy appearance and may contain a sediment at the bottom of the bottle. That deposit is a natural byproduct of the production process and it settles while the oil is decanting by the time. It should be carefully stored and best if used within the first few months.
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