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  • Sanpellegrino Sanpellegrino Chinotto 200 ml Glass Bottle (Pack of 6)
Chinotto Soda


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Article number: I-00798
EAN: 041508806237
SKU: 041508806237
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Brand: Sanpellegrino
Italian Sparkling Bitter-Sweet Soda The "Chinotto" is a soft drink made from the Chinotto Juice (Citrus myrtifolia). Chinotto is from the Etna area in Sicily, known for its rich volcan soil. This drink is dark in appearance like a Cola and has a bitter, pleasant taste. Chinotto Special Italian Edition comes in a collectable vintage glass bottle. Ingredients: water, corn-fructose syrup, natural carbon dioxide, acid citric, natural flavors, citrus extract, salt, acidity corrector: l-ascorbic acid, coloring caramel. 46 kcal x 3,5 fl. oz.
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