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Our tradition

Cucina Amorosa imports select Italian comestibles for passionate cooks and restauranteurs in the US who want the finest, authentic ingredients for their kitchens available locally or delivered to their doors.

Serving cooks who long for familiar Italian flavors and aromas, Cucina Amorosa provides expert, personal service in finding, selecting, and importing goods from Italian producers who honor tradition, regional distinctiveness, and sustainability. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and offer our expertise to each individual customer, acting as personal shoppers for the essentials of Italian cuisine. We are able to offer our inventory at warehouse pricing to customers local to us in [your location here] and via our web site.

Areas of emphasis are cookies, espresso beans [whole and ground], 00 flour Italian breads and pizza, and sweets, including seasonal specialties.


Love begins in the kitchen

Raffaele Vuotto & Nancy Goodman

It all began in the kitchen with a dishtowel 11 years ago. I had ventured on a month long exploration of Italy with my best friend and our sons.  We traded houses and cars with a Venetian family and toured the country California style, skateboards and all.  My heart was forever stolen when I discovered Capri. With little time and money for souvenirs, I managed to pick up a dishtowel embroidered with CAPRI.


After returning home, the spirit of Capri was still calling my name. I went to a local Italian restaurant where I couldn’t help but notice the handsome manager. It wasn’t long until we caught each other’s eyes, and talked the night away. We ended the evening with coffee and dessert. Not knowing that he was from Capri, I couldn’t help but recognize the ever so familiar accent. Before leaving, he spotted my dishtowel in the kitchen…and the rest was history.


From its wine to its people, Italy will be forever ingrained in our hearts, always welcoming with a warm, “benvenuti amici!” We are often found in Italy, each time exploring a new region, cuisine or terroir. The concept of Cucina Amorosa was born from the dream of sharing our love of Italy with our friends and neighbors.  It seems as if everything has conspired to make our vision a reality and we can’t wait to share it with you. And yes, we still have the dishtowel in our store!